God’s Crime Scene

A cold-case detective examines the evidence for how the universe came into being. Former Los Angeles detective J. Warner Wallace will examine eight pieces of critical evidence in the “crime scene” of the universe to determine if they point to a “divine intruder” or to random chance.

A Case for the Ressurection

From The Discovery Channel to The Da Vinci Code, there have been no shortage of creative attempts to re-imagine the events of first century Palestine and the dawn of Christianity. This talk presents relevant evidence for what happened at the tomb.

A Profile of Champions

PGA Champions and former Ryder Cup participants: Bernhard Langer, Larry Mize and our own, Tom Lehman—reveal their challenges, thrills and struggles on the Tour along with their Ryder Cup experience, sharing how their faith has influenced their lives both on the Tour and at home.

Mark Whitacre: When Good Leaders Lose Their Way

Mark Whitacre’s amazing story is one in which he “loses his own way” while conducting undercover work for the FBI.  Mark is an Ivy League Ph.D. and is considered the highest-ranked executive of any Fortune 500 company to become a whistleblower in U.S. history, and was responsible for uncovering the ADM price-fixing scandal in the early 1990s. Listen to his inspirational story about redemption, second chances and a family surviving against all odds.


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U.S. Army Colonel John J. Morris: Faith Under Fire

Can your belief system withstand the assaults of life? Col. Morris shares a dynamic message of faith lived in and out of the foxhole of everyday life. When faced with life’s challenges; financial hardship, failing health, difficult relationships, social and political upheaval, what we put our faith in is put to the test. Will that faith be brave? Intelligent? Practical? Will it provide hope and meaning, or will it be blind, wishful thinking?

Plus Interview with U of M Gopher Wrestling Coach, J Robinson

Stephen Meyer: The Return of the God Hypothesis

In this presentation, Dr. Stephen Meyer will examine a series of scientific discoveries concerning the origin of life and the universe that have decidedly theistic implications. In so doing, he will challenge the popular notions of the new atheists and others that science, properly understood, undermines belief in God.

PLUS Interview with Minnesota Twins pitcher, Kyle Gibson

Bill Butters: A Hockey Life

Bill's hockey career included playing 7 years of pro hockey including the MN North Stars and Fighting Saints. He played in a day when the hockey “rink” often approximated a “boxing ring.” Bill’s was a hockey life that followed the rough and tumble, bare-knuckled, “mano y mano” machismo of that day.  While Bill was a tough guy and an enforcer all those years, the weight of his own insecurities and confused existence began to take its toll.  It was while coaching at a youth hockey camp, of all places, that he learned that there was another, much more fulfilling way to live. His life has never been the same. We are convinced that you will be deeply moved by his story.

PLUS Interview with with Dan Mandich, former NHL defenseman

Ross Douthat: Bad Religion

As the youngest-ever op-ed columnist for the New York Times, and former senior editor at the Atlantic, Ross Douthat has emerged as one of the most provocative and influential voices of his generation. Ross offers a masterful and hard-hitting account of how American Christianity has gone off the rails—and why it threatens to take American society with it.

PLUS Interview with Viking’s head coach, Leslie Frazier.

John Stonestreet: Can We Be Good Without God?

Cultural critics from all sides have acknowledged that our society finds itself in a moral free-fall which has left us plagued with an increasingly dire future. Every day, it seems, another celebrity, politician, or cultural leader has a moral failing. Why is it that we have such a difficult time doing to the right thing, even when we know better? Without a grounding in virtue, we will have a hard time choosing right over wrong. Are there any solutions for our society as we seek to navigate our way forward? Bringing resources from both ancient and modern sources, John helps us identify how people become morally formed.

PLUS Interview with Mike Max, WCCO Sports Reporter and host of “Sports to the Max.”