Seeking intellectually satisfying answers together 


Life today is busy.  All too often, the demands of a hectic, daily schedule keep us from pursuing life’s larger issues — the ultimate questions that give us a sense of who we are and why we're here. Questions like "Why do things too often seem to not go my way?" "How should we live life?" and "What happens to us and our loved ones when we die?"

We're all vitally interested in these kinds of questions but may be afraid that there are no answers, or, that if we do ask such questions of friends and family, they'll simply give us pat, condescending and dogmatic answers; or worse, they will criticize, judge or even reject us.

There is real help in gathering regularly with other, open-minded people who want faith in God to make sense, who want to build a solid basis for a life of purpose, meaning, ethics, and other life priorities.



People need a place where others know more about them than just their name and place of employment.  Small groups are a place where one can build lasting friendships with others, while exploring the deeper meaning and purpose of life.

This small group is a gathering of 5-10 people who meet on a regular basis with the common purpose of relational bonding and growing in one’s spiritual life.  Each small group leader is trained to guide the group.  The group, itself, will agree on topics to be studied and the length of meetings in addition to other important considerations.


Growing Your Marriage

With a growing divorce rate on the rise in our country and with many of the remaining marriages on life support, the need for open and honest dialogue in the direction of improving one’s own marriage has never been more urgent.

Growing Your Marriage is a four-to-six week series designed as a starter-discussion for those who desire to know more about how to navigate their way to a healthier marriage.  While our current culture is increasingly unfamiliar with the Bible’s teaching, people from all social and spiritual backgrounds continue to believe that there are timeless truths to be discovered within its pages. This discussion utilizes this source of eternal wisdom in our effort to build healthier marriages.