Pursuing truth as a necessary ingredient in any examined faith


StraightTalk breakfasts host nationally known speakers as well as local businessmen and sports heroes that share their experience of faith. Past speakers include: John Stonestreet, Eric Metaxas, Wally Hilgenberg, Katherine Kirsten, Vishal Mangalwadi, Dr. Gary Habermas, Armand Nicholi, Phillip Johnson, William Lane Craig, Tom Lehman, Peter Kreeft, Tony Campolo. 

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Open Forum

The Open Forum is a gathering of both believing and seeking friends for the purpose of interacting on significant life and God issues. Normally, this takes place in a home or conference room where the guests enjoy great food while getting to know one another, laughing and sharing their thoughts. Ultimately, this is an open, stimulating discussion about the basic issues of God and life.

Many people have never carefully examined their own worldview, and the Open Forum provides a comfortable environment in which to do this. And, since the Forum is "open," anyone is free to pick his or her topic of conversation.

Video intro to the Open Forum.


Leadership Forum

This forum is geared especially for young, emerging leaders. Each quarterly forum features seasoned professionals reflecting on the lessons they’ve learned in leadership and life, including the difference their faith has made along the way.


Principles for Meaningful Living

This is a three-part presentation that seeks to tie the meaning of our existence to the historical realities surrounding the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. While a part of the presentation addresses the growing lack of purpose and emptiness in our culture, this series raises the question of whether or not there could be a grander purpose to one’s existence. What do we do about the conflicting truth-claims of the major, world religions? How does Jesus of Nazareth fit into all of this, and what are the implications of his life, death and resurrection for 21st -century people? Each presentation is followed by several minutes of robust Q&A interaction.